ICTES: Master of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology for Embedded System

Master of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology for Embedded System

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the fastest growing sector in the economy.  The master of engineering in information and communication technology  (ICTES) program has been established to offer an outstanding state-of-the art education with a focus on embedded systems.  All graduates from the program are expected to acquire skills in both theory and practice to work in Thailand electronic industry or pursue a doctoral degree.

The program is a collaboration between National Science and Technology Development (NSTDA), TAIST Tokyo Tech, Kasetsart University, and Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT).

Advantages of Our Program

  1. NSTDA will award full tuition scholarships for the first-year of study.  Students who work with NSTDA researchers will also receive a tuition scholarship for their second year.
  2. Students will be lectured in English and advised by many world-class professors from Tokyo Tech. The Thai KU professors will be co-lecturers and co-advisors.
  3. Students will have great opportunities to work at the national institutes under NSTDA such as NECTEC and MTEC.


The total number of credits required is 39 and is divided as follows:
-  16 credits from compulsory courses and compulsory elective courses
-   2 credits from seminar
-   6 credits from technical elective courses
-  15 credits from master thesis

Here is sample study plan.

1st semester:
  + Software Concepts for Embedded Systems
  + Hardware Concepts for Embedded Systems
  + Research method
  + 1 compulsory elective course
2nd semester:
  + Computational Mathematics
  + Software Designs for Embedded Systems
  + Hardware Designs for Embedded Systems
  + 1 compulsory elective course
3rd semester:
  + Seminar
  + Thesis
4th semester:
 + Thesis

Applicants' Qualifications

1.  An applicant must hold a bachelor degree in engineering science or related fields.
2.  The applicant must be graduated with the cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 or 2 year sufficient relevant research or work experience.
3.  The applicant must submit an official score of an English-proficiency test, such as TU-GET, TOEFL, IELTS or must take the test conducted by TAIST Tokyo Tech.

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